Greetings, (Español)

bold traveler of the Cyberspace, be welcomed to the Byrd Jaguar house.

Here we meet at the dawn of the global culture, the emerging nervous system for the collective mind.

Human activity is killing all other living species on earth.

With each species, about one thousand four hundred millions of years of genetic programming LOST FOREVER

The political and economical system we are engaged in, is the cause of this destruction. But All nations, laws, money, etc. are promises backed up by papers. They are just words.

And yes, it can change, it can be reprogrammed.

You don't need faith to accept this. Once you change yourself you will know is true.


These are the gifts I have for you, you may need them when time arrives,

the first one is music (you need good original soundtrack for your trip), the second is a Maya Day Sign Calculator, to tell your maya sign. (very useful to connect with the new New Era vibes) and the third is Baktun 13 font file. that looks like maya gliphs. (have fun sending "secret" messages trough cyberspace)

............. download mp3 maya sign calculator font